Sea of Thieves to Add Dogs as New Pets and New Gold Hoarder Voyages in September

sea of thieves dog

Game developer Rare has announced that new pet dogs and a new type of permanent Gold Hoarder voyage are coming to the multiplayer pirate sandbox Sea of Thieves in an upcoming content update next month.

During a recent panel at the ongoing virtual Gamescom, Rare announced that new additions to Sea of Thieves will be coming in September’s monthly content update. Dogs will be added to the Pirate Emporium and a new type of Gold Hoarder voyage will be added to Sea of Thieves.

The Pirate Emporium is the premium cash shop for Sea of Thieves, much of the items there were available previously during events, such as cross-over ship liveries featuring designs based on other Xbox titles such as Halo and State of Decay.

Pets however, are an exception and are solely available for Ancient Coins bought with real cash. Dogs are being added to the lineup with the already existing cats, parrots, and monkeys. Each dog breed will have a unique style and unique appearance wearing certain pet outfits.

A new type of voyage will also be added which can be picked up from Gold Hoarders representatives. Not much has been announced about the new voyage, but the trailer for the upcoming update showed a mysterious treasure room hidden behind a stone door. We can only speculate that the new voyage will involve entering deep ruins and solving puzzles, similar to the game’s Tall Tale adventures.

The new Gold Hoarder voyage will be the next in a line of new permanent voyage types that began earlier this year with the ghost ship battles introduced in the Haunted Shores content patch.

You can find the Sea of Thieves Dev Gameplay Update from Gamescom 2020 via IGN below.

Sea of Thieves features monthly content patches that include new cosmetics and new activities. The new Gold Hoarder voyage and dog pets will be available in a content patch next month.

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows PC (via the Microsoft Store, and Steam), and Xbox One. If you missed it, you can find our review here (we can’t recommend it enough!!)

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