Sea of Thieves New Haunted Shores Content Update Features Ghost Fleets, Ashen Expeditions

Sea of Thieves recently released the new Haunted Shores content update; adding a new enemy type, new emotes, new songs, and a new weekly event.

The update features a new type of enemy, ghost ships. While ghastly ships manned by crews of skeletons have existed in the game from early on, the new ghost ships are entirely different.

Skeletal ships act like player ships, taking on damage and water, and able to be ignited with firebombs. Skeletal ships also fire standard cannonballs and cursed pirate balls which are also readily available to players.

Ghost ships have their own unique cannonballs which can do massive damage to player ships and ignite them. Ghost ships also don’t take on water and sink like normal ships. Instead ghost ships need only be hit a certain number of times by any cannonball before being banished back to the Sea of the Damned.

This can net players their own spooky cannonballs, and Damned Chests. Those who beat the Burning Blade (the ghostly flagship) 10 times will unlock the Burning Blade sails, defeating 500 ghost ships will net you the Ghost Captain Sails.

Ghost fleets can be encountered in player voyages which can be started at any time, or players can seek out Flameheart’s Fleet, a new world event marked by Captain Flameheart’s skull lighting up the sky in the direction of his fleet.

A new weekly event called Ashen Expeditions has also been added to the game. All day Tuesday special ashen themed treasure found primarily in The Devil’s Roar zone will sell for twice as much.

Finally, players will now be able to select what sea shanty they play on their instruments with a new radial menu instead of shuffling through them randomly. In addition eight new shanties have been added to the game.

The new update also adds new emotes, new pet costumes, and the Blighted ship set inspired by the game State of Decay 2 to the in-game cash shop.

You can find more about the update here [1, 2], and find the new content update video below.

Sea of Thieves is available now on Windows PC (via Steam, Microsoft Store) and Xbox One.



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