Sea of Thieves announces long-awaited Captaincy update

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has announced that players will be able to further customize and finally “captain” their own ship in an upcoming update.

Within the community, the “Captaincy Update” has become something as a meme, as the ability to name your own ship was something promised early in the game’s lifespan but was constantly pushed back. Now Rare is going the extra mile, and pirates will not only be able to name their ship, but also have new quests related to their captaincy.

You can find the new musical trailer for Sea of Thieves Season 7 and its Captaincy content here.

Take a musical tour of what Sea of Thieves Season Seven will offer as Captaincy comes to the game on July 21, 2022. From purchasing, naming and customizing ships, to saving your loadouts and gaining access to quick cash-in points, it’s time to become a Captain of Adventure!

New to the Sea of Thieves world? Learn the ropes and riggings, find your sea legs, and set sail on your maiden voyage with our Sea of Thieves guides!

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows PC (via the Microsoft Store and Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If you missed it, you can find our review here.

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