Scarlet Nexus Anime Announced, Premieres Summer 2021

Scarlet Nexus Anime

Bandai Namco Entertainment Interactive and Sunrise have announced an anime adaption of “brainpunk” action JRPG Scarlet Nexus.

As previously reported on Niche Gamer [1, 23, 4], the game- and plot of the anime by Sunrise- is set in a distant future where the city of New Himuka. The people use their brains to interact with the Psynet for technology and services. However, they are best with by the Others.

The Others are beings that rain down from the Extinction Belt fog in the sky to eat human brains. They seem to lack any consciousness and attack humans on instinct, and are comparable to a natural disaster that could be a daily occurrence, and predicted with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

The Other Suppression Force (OSF) is the group tasked with stopping the Others, and Yuito Sumeragi is their newest recruit. The OSF has hired new members every year for over 560 years, selecting those with powerful psionic abilities.

While the characters seem like young adults and teenagers, they are taking anti-aging drugs to help increase the effectiveness of their powers. Those who are especially gifted join the Septentrion, an elite group of seven that others in the OSF aspire to join.

The OSF are also joined via red cables connecting their brains. This allows them to use each other’s powers, and combine with their own to protect humanity.

The Scarlet Nexus anime premieres globally Summer 2021. You can find the anime reveal trailer below.

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Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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