Satoru Iwata is Skipping E3 2014 Due to Health Concerns

satoru iwata 06-06-14-1

It appears that Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata is not up to appearing at E3 this year. In a confirmation via Polygon, we’ve learned that he’s been advised to stay at home in Japan.

While Nintendo hasn’t clarified what exactly is ailing Iwata-san, they have said that “it is business as usual for Mr. Iwata, and he continues his normal duties as president of Nintendo Co., Ltd. while he remains in Japan.”

Nintendo also confirmed that he will be actively play a part in Nintendo’s E3 presentation, as it will be strictly a digital stream, and not a formal press conference.

“As always, he will be actively involved in all of Nintendo’s activities at the show,” the Nintendo representative confirmed.

Are you guys excited for Nintendo’s E3 presentation?

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