Sandbox Multiplayer Game Myth of Empires Announced For PC

Myth of Empires

Imperium Interactive Entertainment Limited have announced Myth of Empires, a sandbox multiplayer game by Angela Game.

Myth of Empires is set in the war-ravaged Far East of the 3rd century. Players are tasked with bringing about a new age of prosperity by joining together to build a new empire from scratch. Gather resources, recruit new players and useful NPCs, build massive fortresses, tame and raise mounts, and fight off rival kingdoms in large scale battles and skirmishes.

You can find the launch trailer below.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Only the Strong Survive
Taking place in the 3rd century on the Eastern Continent, Myth of Empires presents a cruel and brutal era ravaged by the chaos of war. You will need to fight off hunger and brave the elements if you hope to survive.

A True Sandbox Experience
Explore an immersive and expansive world in which you’ll collect resources and utilize your creativity and imagination to build your very own empire. Recruit NPCs through peaceful or violent means, and turn them into your own followers. Have them collect resources and craft them into materials for you, or use them as your own personal army.

Detailed, Varied Combat
Myth of Empires features a robust combat system. You’ll need to cultivate and utilize a deep understanding of the game’s different soldier roles, weapons, and siege engines, as well as cooperate with other players in order to claim victory on massive battlefields. Craft the weapons and armor you will use to dominate your enemies.

Raise and Train Mounts
Find horses in the wild and then train and breed them. Fill your stables with horses for your armies to ride into battle. Breed faster and more powerful horses and build an unstoppable cavalry force.

Unite and Strategize
Becoming a mere warrior is not enough to achieve greatness in Myth of Empires. Seek out skilled assistants and work with other players to defeat common enemies and capture their counties and regions. Building and expanding a powerful empire will test your strategic and leadership capabilities.

Rebuild a Thriving World
In addition to all the different combat roles a character can take on, there is also a variety of different professions and activities to develop, including planting, forging, cooking, livestock farming, and hunting. Players must work together to provide the resources a growing empire needs.

Myth of Empires is coming soon to Windows PC via Steam.

Image: Steam

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