Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection Launches June 11 on Epic Games Store, June 18 on Steam, July 28 on PS4, Switch and Xbox One

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection

SNK Corporation have announced the release date of Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection, along with some other surprises.

When announced in March 2019, we knew the game would have six titles; Samurai Shodown, Samurai Shodown II, Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood, Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge, Samurai Shodown V, and Samurai Showdown V Special.

However, one more title was revealed: Samurai Shodown V Perfect. The game was never released, and became “the stuff of legends to SNK fans.”

Each title supports switching between Japanese and English MVS versions, adding scanlines, save functions, free mode for Arcade Modes, and online multiplayer (with ranked matches, casual matches, and being able to challenge friends).

There is also a museum mode, containing over 2,000 “precious development documents and images,” including interviews with developers. Finally, there are also over 200 tracks in the Music Player.

The game will be free on the Epic Games Store from June 11th to June 18th, and the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions will have physical releases in Summer 2020.

Digital Ecplise’ Studio Head Mike Mika also clarified on Twitter [1, 2] that there would be an Xbox One version, releasing at the same time (presumably as the dates of the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 release).

You can view the release date trailer below.

You can find the rundown on each game in the collection (via press release) below.


In a world dominated by fighters where opponents duked it out with their fists and kicks, SAMURAI SHODOWN sliced into the scene with its brand-new take on the genre. Not only does each attack hit like a truck normally, but damage actually increases further due to the implementation of a POW meter that fills up upon taking damage. This, coupled with its unique setting and boastful roster of 12 peerless warriors made this game a phenomenon that everyone was talking about. Do you have what it takes to take down SHIRO TOKISADA AMAKUSA?

This game further expanded the thrill of the fight by adding forward and back rolls, a low-attack dodge, and an attack that breaks the opponent’s weapon! These additions to the game brought it into a-whole-nother level of skill and precision unlike any fighter at the time. HAOHMARU goes up against his long-standing rival, GENJURO KIBAGAMI, as well as three other additional characters – bringing the roster to a total of 15 warriors.


This title took the SAMURAI SHODOWN series onto a different path with an overhaul to the button and system settings. Players can now choose between two different fighting styles for each character, named Slash and Bust. Additionally, players can now choose between three grades when choosing a character. These are Beginner Class, Medium Grade, and Upper Grade, which add a lot of depth and complexity to an already complex game.
12 warriors set out to bring ZANKURO MINAZUKI’s reign of terror to an end. Will they succeed?


Following the previous installment comes new additions in the form of a CD 14-multislash combo and Rage Explosion (w/ Fatal Flash and Link Slashes to boot!). Additionally, the single player campaign features a timer and the ending received changes on the time finished. Warriors from past titles join up with new faces to form a hearty 17-character roster. As the name implies, SHIRO TOKISADA AMAKUSA is back again but is weak as his spirit was split in two. If he succeeds in his quest of joining both halves, the world will be plunged into darkness forevermore.


Seven years would follow until the series saw another sequel on the NEOGEO. Four new characters including MINA MAJIKINA, and YOSHITORA TOKUGAWA join the roster bringing it to an explosive 24 characters. The game system has been updated with new features such as a Sword Gauge and a state of meditation called Concentration One. The series was back on track with its game balance being focused on devastating blows and quick dodges.


The final game sold on the NEOGEO. Every character is now equipped with a devastating Overkill attack. This title brought balance changes that truly gave players the thrill and excitement expected out of SAMURAI SHODOWN. Now, with the inclusion of previous boss characters, the roster stood at a girthy 28 bloodthirsty warriors.


The gameplay of SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL has been left untouched, but this previously unreleased title features a brand-new story and ending. This is the TRUE and FINAL game made for the NEOGEO.

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection launches June 11th on Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store, June 18th on Steam), and July 28th on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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