Samsung reveal “new era” of screens with 8K, auto HDR, and more at CES 2023


Samsung has announced their latest upcoming lineup of displays at CES 2023 sporting cutting-edge tech like 8K displays and more.

The new displays will use their Neo QLED technology, which comes with their Neural Quantum Processor. New televisions comes with exclusive technology via Samsung’s proprietary algorithm, which enables Auto HDR Remastering.

A staggering achievement in visual tech, this will enable users of their new televisions to broadcast SDR content as if it were created with HDR.

The company also announced users will be able to more easily integrate all their smart products in their home, thanks to the SmartThings module chip – which will be built into all their products.

Here’s a list of some of the things that can be done thanks to this:

Samsung SmartThings module chip functionality

  • Chat Together: Users can easily enter a live chat group to share thoughts and react in real-time with others who are also watching the same content.
  • ConnecTime: Make it easier to take video calls from connected devices, providing a larger platform for video calls on the TV and a seamless transition to a smaller device if a user wants to walk away and transfer the call to another screen.
  • 3D Map View: Designed to let users conveniently control and monitor connected devices, Samsung’s 3D Map View provides users a bird’s eye view of their home and all of their SmartThings devices at a glance.

They also revealed new options for their Micro LED lineup of displays, along with a new 77 inch model of their OLED line up of televisions. These TVs will come with 144Hz refresh rates and will be certified for AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro.

Finally, they also made improvements to their Samsung Gaming Hub app, which has been is getting Xbox cloud services last year. It’ll also be able to stream via NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, and Utomik as well, rounding out its cloud gaming options.

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