SaltyBet Dream Cast Casino – Place Bets on Your Favorite Characters

SaltyBets Dream Casino SS 2

Did you ever want to see characters from all sorts of shows and games duke it out in the biggest crossover fighter ever imagined? Well, that’s probably never going to happen for lots of franchises mostly due to copyrights.

Still, some guys have made a website and a Twitch live stream where they have a heavily modded version of Mugen running 24/7 with characters battling from all sorts of franchises and intellectual properties.

What’s really interesting about this stream is that there are actual player based tournaments that go on from time to time, however most of the time you’ll be seeing CPU matches that run literally 24/7.

Here’s the kicker – you can place bets on these fights. You don’t actually use real money to bet, you use fake money to place your bets.

SaltyBets Dream Casino SS 1

At the time of writing this I’m seeing Ash from Evil Dead fight Floren (not sure of the origin?), to the tune of the Ghostbusters theme. This is pretty damn amazing, to put it lightly.

You can check out the direct feed stream here.

Or, if you want to actually get in on the betting action, you’ll have to visit their site here.

Check it out while it’s still alive, it probably won’t be long before the copyright ninjas come to shut it down unfortunately.


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