New Sega Genesis game Sacred Line 2 announced

Sacred Line 2

Sacred Line 2, an upcoming Sega Genesis game, was announced and will launch its Kickstarter page soon.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Sacred Line 2 is a terrifying retro game about demons and ancient religious cults, featuring some heavy mature themes.

You can read more about the game below:

Sacred Line II chronicles the harrowing journey of Sarah, a young girl with a troubled past who, after a fatal encounter with a religious cult, is mysteriously brought back from the brink of death. Set against the backdrop of an alternate 1999 where Yugoslavia still exists, players will help Sarah navigate her surreal world to prevent its imminent downfall.

In Sacred Line II, players can anticipate high-quality 3D graphics optimized for CRT TV, a feature that sets a new standard for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis platform. The immersive all-digital audio soundtrack heightens the gameplay experience, and the unique setting, engrossing story, and varied environments will captivate players from beginning to end.

Sacred Line II stands out with its innovative text-based dice fighting system, which is a new addition to the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis platform. With multiple possible endings and a convenient checkpoint system to ensure that death is never the end, this game offers immense replayability. For those who wish to delve deeper into the narrative, an in-game encyclopedia is available to provide insights into the characters and their intriguing world.

“Sacred Line II is a unique post-apocalyptic adventure that will transport you into an alternate-reality world ruled by demons that were summoned by an ancient cult.” said developer Sasha Darko.”It’s more than a horror game, it incorporates a complex story that also explores mature themes, such as human trafficking and proxy wars.It’s very different from everything else on the system, and I hope you’ll like it.”

Mega Cat Studios and Sasha Darko are proud to bring this unique title to Kickstarter, where they hope to connect with an engaged community of backers who are as excited about the potential of Sacred Line II as they are. With a selection of enticing rewards and stretch goals, they are looking forward to offering players an adventure that’s well worth the wait.

Sacred Line 2 promises to innovate and terrify, while also feeding you a healthy dose of nostalgia for the Sega Genesis days.

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Sacred Line 2‘s Kickstarter page is set to launch soon, and you can subscribe to be notified when it does here.



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