Ryse Developers Tweet About Free Meals During Crunch Time, People Get Mad

ryse son of rome ss 1

Ryse is an upcoming Xbox One launch title featuring brutal and intense combat during the ancient Roman era.

With the launch of the Xbox One inching ever closer, you can imagine how the developers are crunching to finish the game in time, sometimes not leaving the office for days.

This is a normal industry occurrence, whether you consider it bad or necessary to get a finished product done in a timely fashion is up to you, but lots of fans and or industry folk have taken to twitter to respond to their recent tweet:


So they’re stating that employees got free meals during crunch time, as a compensation for the ridiculous hours they’re working. This was fine in my opinion, until they tweeted this in response to a fan asking for an actual update for the game:

Prompting people to respond to their poking fun at this fact:


Here’s another:


Generally, it seems that the larger the studio, the less thought goes out to each individual on the team, which can also factor in with mismanagement, leading up to the necessary crunch time that crushes a developer’s soul.

So, what do you guys think? Was Crytek’s tweet completely impolite to the team? Also, is crunch time necessary, or should studios learn to manage their staff and time better?

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