Ryo’s Original English Voice Actor is Returning in Shenmue III

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Ys Net has announced some wonderful news for fans of the previous two Shenmue games – Ryo Hazuki’s original English voice actor, Corey Marshall, is reprising his role in Shenmue III.

Whether this is a cause to fondly remember hilarious spoken lines like “Do you know where sailors hang out?” or “Do you know anything about Chinese people?”, or genuine nostalgia, it’s fun to see creator Yu Suzuki and the crew at Ys Net going all out in trying to really make this a game worthy of the series’ legacy.

Shenmue III is currently in development on PlayStation 4 and PC, and is still being funded on Kickstarter, with 16 days left.

Now if only they’d make Ryo look more similar to his appearance in the previous games – while embracing the latest graphics technologies (It’s worth mentioning Suzuki-san has said that he isn’t happy with how Ryo looks currently, and his appearance is a work in progress.)

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