Runescape board game Runescape Kingdoms launches pre-orders

Iconic MMORPG Runescape leaves the digital world and becomes a tabletop board game, and preorders are now available.

Even if you are completely new to Runescape, the board game promises to include a core book with everything you need to learn.

Runescape Kingdoms is being handled by Steamforged Games, known for their work on the Resident Evil and Dark Souls tabletop RPGs.

Here’s a rundown on the new tabletop game:

Steamforged Games, the leading UK studio for tabletop video game adaptations, has officially announced the upcoming pre-order of its roleplaying and board game adaptations of RuneScape, both under the banner of RuneScape Kingdoms.

Created in collaboration with Jagex — the leader in developing deep, community-driven games and home of RuneScape — RuneScape Kingdoms is a range inspired by the record-breaking RuneScape video game universe.

The long-anticipated RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game was first announced back in January 2022. The core book contains everything a prospective ‘noob’ needs to get started in Gielinor, and will finally be available to pre-order in late September, alongside the board game. In addition, there will be a luxury Collector’s Edition of the roleplaying game available only from Steamforged as a direct exclusive. Those interested can sign up for more information here.

The board game, RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg, was first introduced via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in 2022, where fans were encouraged to participate in the journey from concept to tabletop. Now, the finished board game will be to pre-order in late September, and will include exclusive expansions from the Kickstarter available only from Steamforged. Those interested can sign up for more information at here.

Both games are set in RuneScape’s fantasy kingdom of Gielinor, and will delight RuneScape and Old School RuneScape’s player communities with fresh-but-faithful adaptations of classic quests and characters.
The roleplaying game uses a bespoke system created specifically for RuneScape Kingdoms. Designed to be both accessible and elegant, with a three d6 dice mechanic, this system captures the unique magic of the RuneScape source material, and gives game masters of all levels the tools to deliver a rich experience to their players.

Alongside the streamlined rules, game masters will enjoy a detailed guide to the world of Gielinor bursting with material for running an authentic RuneScape campaign, including everything from character creation, to magic and prayer systems, to crafting and equipment, and a bestiary teeming with iconic monsters and bosses.

In the board game, 1-5 players will explore the sometimes epic, often irreverent world of Gielinor in cooperative campaigns heavily inspired by iconic quests from the video game. Together, they will quest, skill, meet memorable characters, craft awesome gear — get distracted by side quests — and become the kind of ‘Scaper they’d like to be. Along the way, they’ll face formidable bosses, earn capes, and experience everything from baking game-changing cakes to saving Gielinor from fiery ruin.

No specific date was released yet, but pre-orders will be available soon through Steamforged Games. You can read more about the pre-order here.

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