RuneScape 3 Will Launch Tomorrow Morning


Tomorrow morning, July 22nd, Jagex will be launching RuneScape 3. It will run on the new HTML 5 engine and will still be a web-browser game.

Now, I know RuneScape gets a lot of hate because of how bad the graphics are, how the gameplay is boring, and how there is no plot; but, things are about to change. Evolution of Combat, which is the new combat system in RuneScape,  was tested in RuneScape 2. People didn’t like it at first, but it will be polished up in 3.

The graphics are more polished, but still have that original feel to them, but hey, you can’t judge a game just on its graphics! With these new features, Jagex is also introducing more story and purpose to the game, as the story is reaching the “6th Age”.


The 6th Age is going to bring back the gods of the world, after the death of Guthix. So far, a lot of the plot is unknown, but it seems that there will be lots of violence, war, and awesome world events. Jagex even announced that with the launch, they will be releasing a world event.

This event will be community influenced, with all the players in RuneScape 3 contributing to this event. The way the event ends will be how Jagex starts the story. So the players are basically controlling which way the story should unfold, which is pretty interesting and sounds rather fun.

They even added new audio, which you can listen to a new song here.

For people who still play RuneScape 2, don’t worry about your character getting wiped or reset. You’ll be able to continue with the character, and its stats, that you are playing right now. I am a big fan of MMORPGs, though, I haven’t played RuneScape in forever. I go back to it very rarely just for nostalgia purposes, and I know I will definitely check this out tomorrow.

You can learn more about RuneScape 3 here.



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