Rumored Nintendo Switch Pro Features New Nvidia Graphics Chip, DLSS for 4K Graphics

Nintendo Switch Pro Nvidia

The rumored Nintendo Switch Pro will reportedly utilize a new NVidia graphics chip for 4K graphics via Deep Learning Super Sampling.

Bloomberg reports that “according to people familiar with the matter,” Nintendo are planning a new Nintendo Switch model for the end of 2021. It will reportedly have better graphics, processing, CPU, and memory thanks to a new NVidia graphics chip. This chip will also use Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), to reproduce 4K visuals when docked via AI.

Bloomberg reports that their sources along with “multiple game developers” state the DLSS will require its own code, and as such will be used to improve the graphics on upcoming titles. Bloomberg Intelligence’s Matthew Kanterman predicts the new console will cost up to $400 USD.

We previously reported on rumors (including from Bloomberg) of a more powerful Nintendo Switch being in production, a so-called “Nintendo Switch Pro” model. This new model will allegedly support 4K graphics, and would allegedly launch early 2021. A patent for a rail-less Joy-Con further fueled speculation.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa later denied these claims, amid Nintendo’s best financial quarter since 2018. Nintendo’s recent successes have no doubt been thanks to the Nintendo Switch.

It sold over 79 million units as of February 2021; fueled by the increased interest in gaming thanks to the coronavirus pandemic quarantine lockdowns, along with the cheaper price and greater availability compared to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

While selling a new version of something that is already selling well would seem illogical (especially when a scarcity of parts has caused issues for PlayStation and Microsoft), Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda claims that new hardware would be key for Nintendo in 2021. For example, new hardware could tempt those who had not yet bought a Nintendo Switch.

He cited the success of the Game Boy, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo DS; while the Wii and PlayStation 4 had no or practically no variations, and experienced a sharp drops in sales in the latter half of their respective launch years. Yasuda also claimed Nintendo has an “oligopoly” in Japan, while PlayStation game sales have been practically “eradicated.

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