Rumor: Xbox Achievements overhaul coming in 2024

Xbox Achievements

A new rumor is claiming Microsoft is finally going to overhaul Xbox achievements sometime this year.

The new rumor comes from Xbox Era’s Nick Baker in their latest podcast, who said his sources claim Microsoft is “nearly done” with an overhaul of Xbox achievements.

The most recent and big change for Xbox achievements were “rare achievements” back in 2016 and more recently a “100% completion” tab, which is a step towards new functionality for the system.

Nintendo hasn’t implemented an achievement system yet, but Sony did an overhaul of their PlayStation trophies a few years back that has been positively recieved.

While details aren’t known on what an Xbox achievements overhaul would entail, it’s supposed to happen sometime this year. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased some kind of improvements to the system.

Fans have been clamoring for Xbox to add new achievements features like an equivalent to Sony’s platinum trophy on PlayStation, as well as improvements to achievements user interface, and more.

Originally revealed back at E3 2005, Xbox achievements were implemented at the launch of the Xbox 360, in November 2005. Though in-game achievements have been around for ages, Xbox achievements are widely credited with popularizing and standardizing the concept.


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