Rumor: Steam will allow users to hide specific game activity as ‘private’


According to Pavel Djundik the creator of SteamDB, a new feature is in the works to mark specific Steam games as “Private” to hide ownership and activity.

The obvious use is to hide game activity from friends with questionable content. For example games like Senran Kagura: Peach Ball, or any game from Kagura Games like Eris Dysnomia.

The new feature will likely encourage the purchasing of games with questionable content that users don’t want their friends to see.

In recent years Steam has taken a more laid-back approach to content, and if your filters are off then certain content regularly tops the charts. However, despite their avowed policy, games still regularly are denied release on the platform without clear reason.

If this update comes out, players will rest easy that their family and friends won’t notice them playing games better left for discussion with fellow enthusiasts.

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