Rumor: Sony to Finally Allow Users to Change PlayStation Network Usernames

A new rumor is swirling that points to Sony finally letting PlayStation Network users change their usernames, a feature long since available to Xbox Live and Steam users.

The rumor comes via multiple game developers (thanks, Kotaku) saying they’re preparing for the new feature, which is coming soon.

Reportedly, the developers have been working for months to tweak settings, squash bugs, and prepare their games to make them compliant with Sony’s new username change option.

One of the sources shared an image from an internal Sony docket that introduces the new feature and shows an “Edit Username” option. The guide was said to be a walkthrough of how to change one’s PlayStation Network username.

A timing on the release of the new feature is currently not known. The sources noted that due to the PlayStation Network usernames linking your account ID to your username (instead of a universal identifier), fixing all the older multiplayer games will be difficult.

During last year’s PlayStation Experience, Sony boss Shawn Layden teased when asked about the much-demanded feature that he hopes by next year’s PlayStation Experience, fans won’t have to ask about it anymore. The irony is that Sony cancelled this year’s PlayStation Experience – so who knows now.

We’ll keep you guys posted.



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