Rumor: Relationship between Microsoft and Square Enix has gone “functionally wrong”

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The pixel remasters of the first six Final Fantasy games have officially made their way to consoles. And by consoles, this only includes PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, despite Microsoft’s Xbox One obviously being able to play such titles.

This has continued a trend of games where Square Enix has avoided releasing titles for Xbox despite there not be any reason from a technical standpoint. However, it may make more sense with rumors popping up that the relationship between the two companies has soured.

According to journalist Windows Central, they’ve heard a rumor that there is something “functionally wrong” with the relationship between Microsoft and Square Enix. Whatever this is, it’s apparently the cause for major titles skipping the Xbox platform as of late.

While some Square Enix published titles do come to Xbox, such as Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins and Octopath Traveler, many other big name have yet to appear, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake.

This is odd as it was first launched as a timed exclusive for PlayStation, but has since made its way to other platforms such as PC and eventually Xbox too. Odder still is that the prequel to the game, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, is available on Xbox.

Later on Twitter, Windows Central’s Jez also put the blame for their relationship issues is stemming from Microsoft – though he didn’t give specific details on it. Ultimately this is still rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, with recent releases by Square Enix, people can’t help but wonder what might be going on behind the scenes that has kept some games from appearing on Microsoft’s platform.

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