Rumor: PS5 Pro leak indicates roughly 60% increase in performance, launch set for 2024

PS5 Pro

The Nintendo Switch isn’t the only major console with numerous leaks about its successor/upgrade. New details (via ResetEra) surrounding the supposed PS5 Pro have come out indicating a potential release date as well as specs for the console.

The PS5 Pro, allegedly known as Project Trinity internally, is set to launch in November 2024 with an announcement in September. This information is similar to that of previous leaks.

According to the specs leaked out, there is not expected to be a major CPU upgrade for the console’s SoC, which is developed by AMD. However for the GPU side of things, it’s expected to have 60 compute units (CU). This would be a massive increase from the PS5’s 36 CUs.

Given the upgrade from RDNA2 to RDNA3 with these CUs, this would indicate at least a 60% improvement in performance.

The rumored internal name could have deep meaning for Sony’s plans for the console. The leaker stated it follows the company’s usage of Shakespearean references for their console codenames, as the SoC’s codename is Viola, while Trinity could be in reference to Stratford-upon-Avon which is where Shakespeare was baptized, married, and buried.

The leaker speculated Trinity could be in reference to the new technologies in use with the console. Alternatively, it could be the idea to market the new console as an ecosystem with Sony’s PSVR2 and their recently released PlayStation Portal.

For now, these remain rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt until Sony’s formally announces such a console, if it does exist. For now, the standard model and the more recently released slim model are available now.


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