Rumor: Ni no Kuni 2 is in Development for Playstation 4

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Despite Level-5’s Vision 2015 press conference passing without a hint of a Ni no Kuni follow-up, it seems like a sequel might actually be in development, if a couple of insider’s words are to be believed.

So while this will be filed as a rumor for now, the first comes from Tidux, who teased his followers by saying “Yes it’s Ni no Kuni 2. #PS4 XExclusive,” and that it’s from a “3rd party studio.” He also said “no remake” when asked if it was an HD remake of an older game. Here’s where things get interesting though:

“So a sequel to #NiNoKuni is in development, trailer very soon #PlayStation4 #4ThePlayers,” said (now deleted) Markus Sjöland, editor-in-chief of Swedish gaming site PlayerSelect. When someone asked for a source, he said “someone who seen the trailer,” followed by Tidux saying “You shall not question Markus.”

So while this is definitely still a rumor for now, it’s certainly interesting to ponder about. What’s even more interesting is the fact that Tidux said it’s being developed by a third party studio, which could mean Level-5 is developing it again, or maybe they’ve handed the franchise off to another studio?

We’ll keep you guys posted.



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