Rumor: New PS5 model will begin production in April, optional disc drive

Sony PS5

There’s a stubborn rumor these days that Sony might be planning to release a new generation of PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles.

Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming reported that the original PS5 will likely cease production at the end of this year. Players waiting for the new model will have to wait until September, although production will begin in April.

So what makes this new model so special? At present we’re not sure, but the current speculation is that the new model won’t have a disc drive.

While the PS5 Digital Edition exists, the new “2nd gen” model won’t have any version with a disc drive. So where does that leave consumers?

The new model will allegedly be compatible with an optional disc drive, this could empower to consumers to just pick up a new PS5 without worrying about the version and buy the optional component if needed.

This will avoid situations where only one type of console is available but a customer might be physical or digital only. In a world where supply chain shortages have caused a headache for buyers, this could be a blessing.

However at present the existence of a new second generation of PS5 remains just a rumor.



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