Rumor: Koji Igarashi’s Castlevania Spiritual Successor to Be Revealed Soon

In September of last year, we reported on a very curious piece of viral marketing that was clearly pointing towards some kind of crowd-funded, Castlevania-inspired project by the ex-Konami mastermind, Koji Igarashi.

Following the teaser, Igarashi-san reportedly put his dream game on hold, thus making all the bits of viral marketing, one of which being a throwback to Electronic Gaming Monthly’s regular nom de plume Quarterman column (this one being Quarterwomann), go silent. Now, the Quarterwomann Twitter account has become active yet again, posting the following Tweets:

“Traced this leaker for months only to have my account TOS’d when I got too close. Where do the runes fit in?,” wrote the mysterious account. “Going to scour Usenet and WWW forums for more info before we go to press. ‘Net-savvy fans always know where the bodies are buried…” The above Tweets were posted with the following image:

koji igarashi 05-03-15-2

The password in the above image has the same number of characters as Igarashi’s name, as well as a message on the right that says “rune translation.” In the original viral teaser, the pentagram flyer had runes inside it, which fans deciphered into “What a wonderful night to have a KS,” or Kickstarter.

koji igarashi 05-03-15-1

The latest tease comes in two parts, the first of which appearing on the Castlevania Dungeon forums, under a brand new user, Igavania. The second teaser (also posted by Igavania) was posted over on the Chapel of Resonance forum, both of which are titled “The first sign rises with the full moon” and a post saying “Soon, I will return.” Tomorrow (or May 5th depending on your time zone) is a full moon. The avatar of each user is a pixelated version of Dracula, with Igarashi’s face on it.

The Quarterwomann and Igavania accounts both use the same email account.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that several ex-EGM folks now work at 8-4, a Japanese localization company that are close to Igarashi-san. We’ve reached out to folks we know who may be able to clarify this.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

Source: NeoGAF

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