Rumor: Apple to Launch $5K Esports Mac in 2020

Rumors have surfaced, claiming that Apple will produce a high-end Mac in 2020, marketed to those interested in Esports.

Patently Apple reports that “a new rumor from Taiwan claims that Apple is planning to launch an e-sports-centric PC next year.” Each Mac will cost around $5,000.

“According to supply chain sources, in addition to the high unit price of Apple ’s new gaming PC products, it may be a large-screen all-in-one (AIO) or a large-screen gaming laptop. Details are not clear at this time. It is expected to be announced at Apple’s Global Developer Conference (WWDC) next June.”

Rumors via Patently Apple tend to focus on new features and technology coming to Apple products (usually via sources within their manufacture). Our cursory research shows a few of their rumors come true [1A, 1B], but many others tend to be very far into the future (thereby giving some grounds that even if the rumor was true, it could have been cancelled during production), or reported at a similar time by other websites.

There may be some credibility, due to Apple launching Apple Arcade in September of this year, along with more expensive hardware- including the $6,000 Mac Pro, and $4,999 32 inch LCD monitor. Based on past hardware, this Esports Mac will likely be powered by an AMD graphics card (due to their cost), and Intel CPUs (as Apple’s OSX operating system across all their devices has utilized Intel CPUs thus far).

We will keep you informed as we learn more. Special thanks to Mark for the tip!

Image: The Esports Observer, IconFinder.



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.