VR Anime ARPG Ruins Magus Announced

Ruins Magus

Kyoto-based indie Japanese developer CharacterBank has announced Ruins Magus, a new virtual reality-focused magic-themed action RPG.

Ruins Magus is being developed for multiple virtual reality platforms with a release set for winter 2021, and with both Japanese and English language support.

Here’s the first trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Ruins Magus ~Ruins Magus~ is a VR magic action RPG.

The setting is the “Ruins City of Grand Amnis,” where a large ruin stands in the center of the city. As a rookie ruins hunter, you will work with Iris, a new researcher at the Enigma research institute, to unravel the mysteries of the ruins.

Scenario Part

You can experience a voluminous story of 26 chapters interwoven with more than 30 unique characters in VR. You and Iris are chasing the mystery of the ruins. You and Iris pursue the mystery of the ruins, overcome various difficulties and obstacles, and find out what awaits you at the end.

Action part

In the ruins, it is inevitable that you will have to fight the “Guardians” that attack you. Strengthen and use magic with various characteristics to defeat the Guardians and reach the end of the ruins. By using not only magic, but also shield actions (defense and parry) and evasion actions, you can experience the sweaty battle against the powerful Guardians.



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