RTS made by StarCraft pro players ZeroSpace launches on Kickstarter


ZeroSpace is a new RTS being developed by professional StarCraft 2 players, and they’re seeking crowdfunding.

ZeroSpace is scheduled to release at some point in 2025 for Microsoft Windows (through Steam). You can check out the Kickstarter page for the game here.

The game’s team is comprised of RTS developers, pro players, and commentators, all working together to make sure the game is both competitive and fun.

You can read more about the game and check out its trailer below:

ZeroSpace is a cinematic RTS with an epic sci-fi story where your decisions determine the fate of the galaxy. No two matches play the same thanks to nearly limitless combinations of factions, mercenary units and heroes, introducing unparalleled strategic depth and player expression to the genre.

ZeroSpace is driven by our profound love for Real-Time Strategy. This passion is our everyday fuel and propels us in our mission to reignite and redefine the genre, and key members of our team have roots in pro play and RTS game design.

We’re excited to welcome you to a meticulously crafted universe of exploration and immersion; boasting one of the most diverse sets of factions seen in the genre amidst a galaxy-wide crisis in the Milky Way.

We’re making an RTS that any gamer can approach and enjoy thanks to clever and intuitive interface design, while still giving hardcore RTS competitors a limitless ladder of skill expression to master in PvP, a campaign mode, and a massively multiplayer co-op mode.



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