Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen Getting PS3 and Vita Game

One of this season’s best new anime,  is getting a visual novel adaption for Vita and PS3 in Japan called Rozen Maiden: Wechseln Die Welt Up. Rozen Maiden tells the story of a group of legendary living dolls. It’s kind of like Pinocchio except one doll must kill each of her sisters and absorb her powers in order fulfill their creator’s wish and become a real girl. So yeah, its Pinocchio meets Highlander.

Headed by 5pb with scenario written Elephante, the expectations are that this won’t be some quick cash in but a fully featured game of the highest order. The player takes control Jun Sakurada, an anti-social middle school dropout, who receives one of the mysterious dolls in mail. At the start of the game the player will be given the option to accept the package or not. If the player accepts, then he will continue playing the game as middle school Jun through the event of the original Rozen Maiden series.

This is where the dolls congregate in Jun’s home and work to find a way to real live girls without having to kill each other. If the player refuses the package, then they play as adult Jun who has a dead end minimum wage job and mysteriously begins getting doll parts in the mail along with text messages from his past self, telling him to reassemble the dolls.

Zurückspulen is noticeably darker in tone than the original show, and giving the player the choice to choose between the two suggests that the game will have quite an epic scope. If nothing else it should be quite interesting to see how you’ll be able to twist and contort the story depending on your choices. Although it seems unlikely that we will see an international release, Rozen Maiden has quite the cult following, and a fan translation isn’t entirely impossible. We’ll keep you posted.



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