Roll the dice in 100% Orange Juice


Fruitbat Factory is an independent localization company focusing on bringing great Japanese indie games to English-speaking audiences. their latest game is 100% Orange Juice, a game that brings together orange juice’s all start-cast, joined by some new faces, to duke it out in a board game with card based combat.

With up to 4 players, grab your decks and roll the dice and do battle in turn based combat. each character has their own special ability, so utilize them to the best of their ability. watch the trailer below.

With 4 campaigns to play through, and over 50 cards to collect, 100% orange juice is incredibly addictive and fun to play. 100% Orange Juice is now available from the developer Fruitbat Factory’s homepage, as well as Desura for $6.99. A Steam Greenlight campaign has also been launched for the game.


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