Roguelite Deckbuilding RTS Rogue Command Announced for PC

Rogue Command

Feneq have announced Rogue Command, a roguelite deckbuilding RTS coming to PC in 2022.

Rogue Command is a traditional base building RTS with a roguelite twist. After each level, players will get a chance to draft one of three blueprints to add to their arsenal. These blueprints represent new structures or units that can now be constructed in future missions. As with most deckbuilding roguelites, your choices should revolve around building synergies and combos based on the blueprints you already have.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Rogue Command plays like a classical RTS. You use the Engineer to construct a base. Start building up your army. Scout your enemy to form a plan of attack. And control your units to outmaneuver the enemy.

While RTS players will feel immediately at home Rogue Command switches up the game. Instead of learning build orders by heart, each run of the game opens new ways of play. After every level you choose between three blueprint cards that add a new building to your arsenal, like factories, support buildings, turrets or super weapons. Choose wisely to create powerful synergies and combos that allow you to outsmart the overwhelming force of the enemy hordes. Utilize the nano-darkness of robo-necromancy to swarm your foes or set the maps ablaze with fiery chain reactions consuming forests and opposition alike.

Discover how to use the environments to your advantage. Lure the enemy into billowing fog that slows them to a crawl or stun them by blowing up electrified bushes. Choose a path that plays to your strengths on the overworld map. Discover chests with exciting power-ups or ruins with hidden technologies that might be the key to victory …or full of unwanted surprises.


  • Blending classic RTS gameplay with modern roguelike deckbuilders
  • Discover more than a hundred blueprint cards, each a unique building
  • Mod them with card upgrades adding new abilities to units and buildings
  • Create crazy synergies that change every run
  • Explore more than 20 procedurally generated map types with distinct events and hazards
  • Hack the system with powerful modifications to each attempt
  • Overcome 25 different enemy types
  • Slow down the battle at any time to get an overview of the situation
  • Vibe to an original soundtrack of chill beats and synthwave by Hanimo
  • And that’s just the beginning…

Rogue Command enters Early Access in Q3 2022 for Windows PC via Steam. Console versions will launch alongside the game’s full release in 2023.



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