Roguelike DOOM Mod DoomRL Gets Shut Down Threat from Zenimax


Bethesda and parent company Zenimax are reportedly targeting a fan-made game based on the DOOM franchise.

The game, titled simply DoomRL, is a roguelike experience that uses various Doom figures, from the space marine protagonist to the monsters. This naturally didn’t make Zenimax and Bethesda happy, as the game’s creator Kornel Kisielewicz noted.

“Zenimax have just written to me demanding I take down the DoomRL site,” he said on Twitter, alongside the letter he received from the company.

The company has demanded all references to their game(s) be removed, if not, legal action will come soon afterwards. Many fans of the game pleaded with Kisielewicz, saying to just change the artwork and to move on. Kisielewicz replied saying changing everything over “isn’t that easy.”

He later wrote another response saying “Short version: we’re fucked.”

The more interesting bit from this piece of sad news is that Kisielewicz is working on an entirely new game based on the mechanics seen in DoomRL, featuring new concepts and obviously, nothing that Zenimax or Bethesda could misconstrue as copyright infringement. It’s even set on a different planet in our solar system!

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