Rocket League has a cheating bot problem

Rocket League

Rocket League players have reported a surge in bot activity in the game’s ranked ladder, citing impossibly precise movements observed while spectating.

In Rocket League, players are placed in teams of 1 to 4 players in “Soccar” which is a clever play on the word Soccer. As the name implies the goal is to use a rocket-fueled car to shove a giant ball into a goal.

The game is overall cartoony, a little over the top, and piloting a rocket car to flip and ramp off walls to shoot the ball from crazy angles is half the fun. But bots have figured out how to play differently.

These bots aren’t trying to be subtle, and instead will use the most precise movements to balance the ball on top of their car while giving real players little room to engage.

Bots have been made in the past for practice modes and the community itself has developed bots for this purpose. The ability to use them in online ranked matches is a clear oversight, however.

At the time of writing, Rocket League developer Psyonix has yet to publicly comment on the issue.

Rocket League has been available for Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.



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