Rocket Launcher-Based Shooter Rocket Arena Announced, Launches July 14th

Electronic Arts (EA) and Final Strike Games have announced Rocket Arena, a purely rocket-launcher focused multiplayer shooter.

The game is a 3 v 3 multiplayer game, where each hero has a rocket launcher style weapon, and rockets to try and get them back into the arena. Every hero has three abilities, with new heroes coming every new season.

The game features ten maps and four 3 v 3 game modes. You can find the full rundown on them below.

Knockout is a competitive mode, the objective is to use rockets, abilities, and items to blast your opponents out of the arena. Teams score “Knockouts’ by forcing opponents out of the arena. The team that reaches the score target first wins the match.

Two teams compete to pick up the Rocketball and score it into the opposing team’s goal. You may score by either running, throwing, or blasting the Rocketball into the opposing team’s goal. The team with the most points at the end of the timer, or the team to reach the point cap first wins the match.

In Mega Rocket, a large rocket flies into the arena, blasting players out of the way when it lands. Upon landing, a capture zone appears. The goal of Mega Rocket is to defend and capture the zone to score. The team that captures the most rockets at the end of the timer, or reaches the point cap wins the match.

​In Treasure Hunt, there are two ways to score points:

  1. Hold the treasure chest – pickup the chest and hold it to earn points. Earn bonus points for earning the final coin from each chest that spawns.
  2. Pickup Coins – In the coin round, dozens of coins spawn around the map – pick them up to score”

The game also features Social (casual) and Ranked matches, a co-op hoard mode (RocketBot Attack), Tutorial, Practice, and Custom Games (where players can create private matches).

Rocket Arena‘s first season will launch July 28th. “A new Hero will enter the competition,” the official website states, “along with tons of unlockable outfits, totems, Rocket Fuel rewards, and more! And grab the Blast Past for an extra boost and the chance to earn dozens of additional items.”

Every season will feature a Blast Pass, granting buyers “dozens of exclusive unlockable items.” The website does not make it clear whether the game is free-to-play or not.

You can find out more via the official website, and find the reveal trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Welcome to the curious World of Crater—where rockets reign and champions are made! The Rocket Championship Tour is both competition and cultural obsession, and its participants hail from every wild and mysterious corner of Crater.

Crater’s competitions are hosted by its regions, including a high-tech utopia, an undersea colony, a tropical pirate refuge, mysterious jungles, an ice kingdom, and barren wastelands full of lost Megadon. Some competitors are veterans, others are new and ready to make their mark, but all skill levels and playstyles are welcome.

As a new contender, here’s what you’ll need to know before you jump in:

  • Choose from unique competitors and rep your region on a variety of maps in 3-on-3 rocket combat.
  • Blast opponents out of the arena with unique rockets.
  • Watch out for RocketBots—the rogue, rocket-loving robots inhabiting our co-op mode.

Anything can happen on Crater, and only one thing is certain: there’s never a dull moment when the rockets start flying!

Rocket Arena launches July 14th on Windows PC (via Origin, and Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Image: Rocket Arena official website

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