Basketball roguelike RoboDunk gets release date in September

Developer Jollypunch Games has announced a release date for RoboDunk, their new arcade-y sports title.

RoboDunk is scheduled to release on September 25, 2023, for Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

In an unlikely genre mashup, RoboDunk is an arcade sports game with roguelike mechanics. Featuring a very unique art style, RoboDunk is bound to please both sports and roguelike fans.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

RoboDunk, the only arcade basketball roguelite from developer Jollypunch Games, posterizes robotic rivals with a windmill 360 dunk on Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on Monday, Sept. 25. 2023.

Crush enemy teams in this high energy, sports-roguelite experience. Take down adversaries with robo-charged tackles and high-powered weapons like lasers and shock rings. Outwit opponents by turning spiked rollers, jump pads and other court hazards to your team’s advantage with up to three other friends in local multiplayer versus, 2-player coop, or solo play.

Wanna turn up the heat? Take on the roguelite campaign and choose your own path among challenging matches with exotic rewards, ever-changing rules, clever traps, and of course, new rosters of skilled robopponents. And there’s more than just dribbling in these cutthroat arenas: following each victory you will gather morsels of lore about the Gods, to discover if DUNK is the meaning of life.



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