Roblox had $150M in now shut down Silicon Valley Bank

Roblox $150 Million SVB Thumbnail

Over the past weekend, one of the largest banks in the United States, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), was shut down by regulators for “inadequate liquidity and insolvency”.

SVP was the largest bank based on deposits when it comes to silicon valley entities, so it’s most assured that many tech giants lost money with this failure.

One such major company is Roblox Corporation, also known as the owners of one of the most popular video games: Roblox. In their SEC filing, it’s stated they had $150 million held in SVB, which is roughly 5% of their total $3 billion in cash and securities balance.

While those appear to be hefty losses for the company, they claim in the filing it should have no overall impact in their day-to-day operation. These losses also seem to have no impact on the company’s stock price either, as of this writing their shares climbed 3.4% on the Monday after SVB’s collapse.

After their filing, it later has been reported (via AP) that Roblox Corporation isn’t expected to lose any of the money they had in holding with the bank. This is due to the United State government stepping in to bail out companies who were clients with SVB.



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