Ro-Kyu-Bu’s Limited Edition will Keep you Company at Night

The thing that makes Japan such an interesting place for creative ideas is that they really have no shame.  Some of the stuff we see from over there just wouldn’t fly over here in the west.  I still remember reading about how Record of Agarest War had to be pulled from retailers shelves and kept in the back due to it’s suggestive packaging.

Ro-Kyu-Bu is an anime series about little girls who organize together and form a basketball team led by their high school coach.  This sounds innocent enough, and it can be at times, but then you see something like the recently revealed limited edition for the PS Vita release of the Ro-Kyu-Bu game.  It comes with a full sized bed sheet featuring all 5 girls from the show.  The game is also called “Secret Shutter Chance” which makes me think there will be use of the Vita camera, you can use your imagination on that one.  Yep!  Only in Japan folks.

The game is set for release sometime in 2014 and you can view the bed sheet below.