River City: Rival Showdown remastered ports overview trailer

River City: Rival Showdown

Arc System Works shared a new trailer for River City: Rival Showdown’s newly remastered ports for PC and more.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the new trailer:

The 1989 retro classic River City Ransom has muscled up and doubled down on modern innovation! Tightened controls, improved backgrounds, and even online play — this version has it all and more! Throw in a 2D fighting game mode to the mix, and River City has never been more action-packed!

Craft your own story and unlock various endings in single player mode!

  • Brand new story events await as you battle through three days of hot-blooded high school hostilities!
  • Characters and dialogue change with each completed event, culminating in a variety of unique endings.
  • Uncover sinister plots and protect your turf at all costs! The fate of River City is in your hands!

Utilize flashy new special techniques to send your adversaries packing!

  • Stone Hands, Dragon Feet — Kunio already has quite an arsenal up his sleeve.
  • Bring even more bravado to the brawl with an array of fresh, never-before-seen macho maneuvers!
  • And that’s not all! Ultra moves make their return, with enough firepower to bring any would-be challengers to their knees!

Play against friends in the 2D fighting game mode!

  • “Double Dragon Duel 2023” (or DDD for short) is an all-new 2D fighting game bundled in at no extra cost.
  • Select from a bountiful roster of hardened hitters and connect with friends both near and far to see who is the top dog on campus!
  • And the word on the street is that even more unlockable characters await those who can find them…!

* This product is a port of the 2016 title River City: Rival Showdown.

River City: Rival Showdown is coming to Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 on October 12th, worldwide.



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