Risk of Rain is Set for Playstation Vita

risk of rain ss 1

Risk of Rain, the “action platformer/adventure game with randomized elements” by Hopoo Games and Starbound publisher Chucklefish Games, has been confirmed for a release on Playstation Vita.

Ashton Raze, the leader writer at Chucklefish, was the first to confirm the news to twitter: “Risk of Rain’s coming to Vita :o”, while Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Shahid Ahmad followed up with a confirmation on his end: “So there you go. Looks like Risk of Rain will be coming to Vita. :-)”

Risk of Rain launched on PC back in November of last year, it features a survivor of a freight spaceship that has crash landed on a foreign, unknown planet. You have to progress through randomly selected levels and procedurally generated objects, while fighting monsters and collecting items to aid in your survival.

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