Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds spinoff announced

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds

Gearbox Publishing and developer Frima Studio have announced Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, a new shooter ARPG spinoff based on the popular indie game Risk of Rain.

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is in development for both iOS and Android as a free-to-play game, though a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds takes the series’ fast, energetic bullet hell roguelike gameplay and incorporates it into an isometric mobile-based hero collector/action RPG. Grow your Survivor collection and embark on a perilous journey through the Versanto System.

Featuring new and familiar characters, monsters, and items in a canon storyline in the large Risk of Rain universe, Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds keeps the fun rolling with dynamic mid-game Survivor swapping and continuous live service updates through a free-to-play model.

Key Features:

  • Run and Gun Perfected: Dive into intense run-and-gun combat, where quick reflexes and tactical thinking are your greatest allies. With easy-to-learn controls, you’ll dive straight into the action, while a dynamic scaling difficulty system keeps each run fresh and exhilarating.
  • Swap Characters Seamlessly: Form a squad of up to three Survivors and seamlessly switch mid-combat to exploit enemy vulnerabilities. Collect a diverse group of exceptional Survivors to create an unstoppable team. Get ready to unleash walls of fire and ice with the Artificer while dodging enemies with a well-timed
    Huntress dash!
  • Combine Powerful Items Effects: Traverse beautiful worlds teeming with cargo from previous UES expeditions, each hiding a treasure trove of potent items. Insane item combinations are created every time you open a chest, making each run feel unique. Exploding chain lightning? Yes, please.
  • Challenge Epic Bosses: Prepare for heart-pounding bullet-hell gameplay as you face colossal adversaries. Play through the story mode or bring up to three friends and take on challenges together in a dedicated co-op mode!
  • Explore Diverse Sci-Fi Worlds: Embark on an odyssey through breathtaking, yet dangerous, planets within the Versanto System. As you play, you’ll discover hidden logs that weave together the fate of the UES Shimmer Mark’s crew. Each journey unveils fresh secrets, enriching the game’s immersive lore.
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