Rising Storm Dev’s “Cold War Gone Hot” Shooter ’83 Announced

Tripwire Interactive have announced a new FPS game from Antimatter Games (Rising Storm series), ’83.

The game takes place during an alternate “Cold War Gone Hot” history of 1983. Factions are NATO and the Warsaw Pact, with large maps and “Persistent Warfare.” Big Data analysis and analytics will monitor player behavior, kills, and captures to judge how the tide of the war turns and shaping future content.

Sturt Jeffery, Lead Designer on the game, explains:

“[Persistent Warfare is] A way to give all players a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the war effort, and one which drives the ongoing development of content in line with the player-driven narrative of the war. We’re also planning some interesting ways for prominent players to achieve recognition above and beyond the usual in-game items, achievements and titles previously experienced in similar games.”

Despite the alternate history, the game will utilize realism where possible, including weapons, vehicles and locations accurate to the time period.

Rich Barham, Executive Producer for ’83, expressed his delight with the project:

“Everyone at Antimatter Games is extremely excited about the project. ‘83 gives us the opportunity to push the boundaries of what we have done before, all in a new and under-explored period of world history, while expanding on the things which have made our previous games so popular.”

At this time, no release date or platform has been confirmed. We will keep you updated as we learn more. You can find some screenshots below:



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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