Risen 3 Open for Pre-order (With DLC) & Package Deal on Steam

After months of being on Steam’s listings without a buy now/add to cart option, Risen 3 is finally open for pre-order on Steam. Available for $49.99USD, buying the game a month before release will net you all of its DLC for free. Though there is a quite a lot of rage in their forums over day one DLC, I feel that offering it for free to longtime fans who will buy the game regardless is a nice gesture.

If you’re still on the fence about the game, now is a good time to get acquainted with it, since Steam is also selling the entire Risen series (sans Risen 3, of course) for the fire sale price of 7.99. The package, which you can see right here, is already sixth on Steam’s hottest sellers list. A killer deal if you have always wanted to get into the open world style of exploration that only Piranha Bytes can do.

Risen 3 is due out this August 15th, just in time to distract us from our school studies when classes start back up this fall.

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Carl is both a JRPG fan and a CRPG'er who especially loves European PC games. Even with more than three decades of gaming under his belt, he feels the best of the hobby is yet to come.

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