Right Stuf acquired by Crunchyroll and will phase out ‘erotica’ products

Right Stuf

The anime merchandise retailer Right Stuf has been acquired by Crunchyroll. Most notably, the company will cease selling “erotica” materials seemingly as a result of this acquisition.

The change was announced in a press release where Right Stuf announced their acquisition. Alongside the press release was a FAQ to explain to consumers where they should go to purchase 18+ goods now that Right Stuf is being compelled to remove these listings.

Right Stuf + Crunchyroll = The Best Stuff!

We are excited to announce that Right Stuf has joined the Crunchyroll family! Together, we’ll deliver new anime experiences and provide fans with a premiere anime shopping destination.

We remain customer-first and our commitment to customer service is unwavering! The Right Stuf shopping experience, ‘collectible’ level product packaging and best-in-class service you’ve come to expect will continue.

Right Stuf Is Joining Crunchyroll, What Does That Mean? Is Right Stuf Shutting Down?

Like chocolate and peanut butter, Right Stuf and Crunchyroll will be even better together. Right Stuf will remain open and ready to serve you with the best anime, manga, figures, and more!

How Will This Affect How I Order?

There should be no changes to ordering from RightStufAnime, unless you are looking to buy Erotica products. Please check here for our Erotica products FAQ.

While Right Stuf is arguably the most mainstream site, other importers like PlayAsia and J-List freely offer a full list of available products.



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