Re:Zero Witch’s Re:surrection game launches this summer

Re:Zero Witch’s Re:surrection

Kadokawa has announced that the mobile game Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World: Witch’s Re:surrection will drop off this summer, and has opened pre-registrations.

A pre-registration will earn a user an avatar, and have a chance to get complete set of the manga or a Blu-ray BOX of the anime through a raffle.

Kadokawa also released the specifics for this game, confirming it will be an RPG where the player will control the character and perform quests against monsters in turn-based battles.

So far, eight characters are revealed, with main character Subaru a defensive tank, Emilia an attacker that can also heal, Rem as a more standard healer, Ram as a magic supporter, Wilhelm as a physical attacker, Crusch as an all-round attacker, Julius as a support fighter, and Garfiel as a tank and healer.

Kadokawa also revealed the theme song for the game, sung by Konomi Suzuki. Titled “Resurrection”, it comes with the newest trailer of the game on YouTube, check it out below:

Kadokawa first teased the game in early 2023, though it did not confirm the release date until recently. Elemental Craft will co-create with Kadokawa with the mobile game.

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World: Witch’s Re:surrection game will be released as a free game for iOS and Android devices as a Japan-exclusive in summer 2024.

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