Re:Zero Game Has You Romancing Ladies to Save Your Life

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5pb. has announced (via Otakomu) the release date for their newly revealed game based on the popular manga / anime franchise, Re:Zero.

The upcoming PlayStation 4 and PS Vita game is set for a March 23rd, 2017 release in Japan. The first images for the game were revealed as well, which you can view above as well as below:

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Fans can expect the visual novel to go down an entirely different story compared to the original, dubbed simply “Another Episode With Candidates for the Next Ruler.”

Here’s where things get interesting: the story is focused on a “Beauty Queen Election,” which predates the election for the next ruler. Whoever wins the Beauty Queen Election shall receive a unique weapon that reportedly gives the owner good luck.

However, the prize is actually cursed and puts the “Curse of Death” upon protagonist Subaru. Coming from this, the only way to remove the curse is to get a kiss from a beautiful girl. So, your goal is to build relationships with the various girls, in the hopes of getting a kiss.

The involved ladies include: Emilia, Rem, Ram, Beatrice, Felt, Priscilla, Anastasia, and Crusch.



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