REYNATIS western release date set for September, TWEWY collab announced


Publisher NIS America and developer Natsume Atari have announced a western release date for REYNATIS alongside an exciting new collab with a Square Enix IP.

Their modern and dark magic RPG is launching on September 27th across Windows PC (via Steam), Switch, PS4, and PS5. The Japanese release is set for July.

A new collaboration with Square Enix’s NEO: The World Ends With You was also announced, it includes a special sidequest, new areas, new enemies, and a new storyline featuring Shoka Sakurane and other characters from NEO: The World Ends With You.

A limited edition for the game is now available for preorder over on the NIS America online store. It includes: a physical copy of the game, an art book, an acrylic art print, a multi-panel art print, a digipak original mini-soundtrack, and a collector’s box.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the new trailer for the collab:

REYNATIS is an action RPG set in the painstakingly-recreated streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. In a world where fantasy meets reality, the citizens of Shibuya fear magic and the power it holds, forcing wizards to conceal their inhuman abilities or face oppression.

Seeking freedom through strength, the wizard Marin heads to Shibuya, where he meets Sari, an officer of the MEA, an organization dedicated to keeping wizards under control. Conceal your magic to explore the city as a regular civilian and shop or take on quests, or use your explosive powers to reach new locations and battle those who stand in your way. Fight for what you believe in in this stylish, spellbinding RPG from director TAKUMI and featuring music by Yoko Shimomura!

Key Features:

  • Freedom vs. Order: The wizard Marin and the officer Sari stand on opposing sides of a conflict that will shake the world to its core. Experience an enthralling story that tackles oppression, clashing ideals, and the price of freedom.
  • City of Secrets: Navigate the streets of Shibuya and choose between remaining concealed to talk to civilians, shop, and accept quests or exposing your true self to harness your inhuman powers. Your journey will also take you into the alternate world of Another, a fantasy land teeming with ferocious monsters and secrets to uncover.
  • Might & Magic: Freely swap between using evasive maneuvers in Suppressed mode and utilizing magic to deal explosive damage in Liberated mode. Each of the 6 different playable characters has their own unique abilities, from summoning to aerial attacks.
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