PB Tails CHOC2 Review

For the last several days I have been messing around with the PB Tails CHOC2 wireless controller on my Nintendo Switch. After roughly 10 hours of playtime, I have come to the simple conclusion that this controller is really good, and for the price, it is a must-have.

PB Tails CHOC2 Controller
Manufacturer: PB Tails
Price: TBD

The controller has a nice weight since it is made out of metal rather than plastic. It feels hardy and, despite its size, it does not feel like it will break at the slightest drop like my Nintendo Joycons do. The metal design also is great because it enhances the rumble, which is one of the best rumbles I’ve felt in a third-party controller.

Unfortunately, the strength of the rumble also leads to it being noticeably loud, sometimes distractingly so. But I would rather have a loud and strong rumble than a quiet and gentle rumble.

One of my major concerns when I first pulled the controller out of the box was how it would feel in my hands. With its angular design, I was worried that it would be uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time, but thankfully I was mistaken. The controller feels almost perfect in my hands, and the angular nature of the controller only helped with comfort.

Honestly, the only negative I have for the controller is its size. The controller feels just a tad too small in my hands and took some getting used to in order to get used to it. But if you have a child, younger sibling or family member, the controller will be perfect for them.

I never experienced any disconnection of input lag during my time playing New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, No More Heroes, and Dragon Quest. The controller felt tight and responsive, and the turbo mode worked as well.

On top of that, I was very impressed by the battery life of my controller, I only had to charge it once during my entire time using it. According to PB Tails, the controller has a 16-hour battery life, and only requires one to two hours to charge completely. Meaning that I never had an issue with the controller’s battery the entire time I have been using it.

Another major advantage of the controller is the variety, as there are several different designs you can choose from for your controller.

The controller isn’t just for Switch, if you are a fan of mobile games, you can connect your controller via Bluetooth and play games like Genshin Impact on the go as well.

The PB Tails CHOC2 doesn’t have a release date yet, nor has PB Tails announced a price point, but given the original CHOC is available on Amazon for $34.99, if the CHOC2 lands around that same price point, it’s going to be a bargain for what it offers to the player. The CHOC2 is a perfect controller for young children due to its hardiness and is affordable as well.

PB Tails CHOC2 controller will be available for purchase soon from PB Tails and Amazon. PB Tails provided Niche Gamer with the unit for the purposes of this review.


The Verdict: 9

The Good

  • Good size for portability
  • Hardy design
  • Good rumble
  • Great designs and color choices

The Bad

  • The rumble can be a bit too loud
  • Controller size is a bit small for larger hands


Tyler was a former Niche Gamer contributor.