Nanoleaf Blim Bundle Review

Nanoleaf Blim Bundle Review

With the holidays now mostly behind us, you are probably looking for different ways to spend that holiday cash on games, statues, or peripherals to improve your gaming setup. Last year, Squanch Games released High on Life.

The game received average review scores of around 7, however, we enjoyed it more than them and gave it an 8.5. At the time, the game’s humor was similar to Roiland’s Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites.

Over the last year, a lot has changed at Squanch Games, Inc. including Roiland stepping down from the company. Despite Roiland stepping down, Squanch Games looked to continue with the High on Life DLC and removed Roiland’s voice acting from the game.

With the release of the DLC and the holidays underway, we were contacted by Nanoleaf if we would like to review the High on Knife DLC & Nanoleaf Blim Bundle. Despite being a Nanoleaf product, the Blim Bundle is only available through the IGN Store. The Blim Bundle gives purchasers nineteen Nanoleaf lines and a steam code for High on Knife.

Product: Blim Bundle
Manufactuer: Nanoleaf
IGN Exclusive Item
Price: $439

Nanoleaf Blim Bundle Set up

Blim Bundle Product Review

Setting up the Nanoleaf Blim Bundle is fairly simple and can be easily paired with any other Nanoleaf product by using the Nanoleaf App. The setup of the Blim Bundle is fairly simple to make the arrow, but there are a ton of other designs you can make with the lines. The Blim Bundle lights paired with the Nanoleaf 4D kit almost were able to distract us from how mediocre the High on Knife DLC is.

The only downside to the Blim Bundle is the overall price. The standard version of the Blim Bundle is $439.99. This price is fairly high even with the addition of the game and the DLC. Fans of Nanoleaf products can buy the Nanoleaf lines for cheaper and get more bang for their buck.

The 15 Line kit for 60-degree angles goes for $200 while the 10 Lines at 90 degrees Smarter Kit goes for $149.99. Between those two alone, you are getting more lines than the Blim Bundle for cheaper; if you paired the Steam Code with it, you are still not getting the full value.

At the moment on Steam, High on Life + the High on Knife DLC is on sale for $25.06; the bundle usually is $54.98. Even if you bought the items at full price, you’d still be paying less than what the Blim Bundle costs on IGN.

If you want the most bang for your buck, then picking up the Snowflake Bundle at the moment is the best possible deal; at the moment, it is on sale for $362.96 and comes with 27 Lines. The Snowflake Bundle is usually $604.94.

Blim Bundle Verdict

Although the Blim Bundle is something pretty to look at and is easy to set up, it does not offer Nanoleaf or High on Life fans the most bang for their buck. In fact, Nanoleaf offers a bunch of other bundles that are a better deal than the Blim Bundle.

At the end of the day, we can not justify recommending gamers pick up the Blim Bundle over other Nanoleaf products. Yes, it is easy to set up, but that applies to almost every other Nanoleaf product.

Consider looking at all the bundle options on Nanoleaf’s website. The quality and the colors of the Nanoleaf Lines are excellent and it is easy to set up; its ultimate downside is the price when there are other options.


The Verdict: 8

The Good

  • The Nanoleaf Blim Bundle Lights are easy to program
  • The Blim Bundle Lights are easy to set up
  • Lights are easy to program using the app
  • Multidirectional setup

The Bad

  • Cheaper to buy other Nanoleaf lights bundles rather than the Blim Bundle
  • Can have synchronization Issues


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