Kukoos: Lost Pets Review

Kukoos Lost Pets Review

Kukoos: Lost Pets is an Indie game developed by PetitFabrik, a small studio based in Brazil. Currently, it is only available on Steam, but it will launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo later, according to the official website.

Kukoos: Lost Pets
Developer: PetitFabrik
Publisher: Modus Games
Platforms: Windows PC
Release Date: December 6, 2022
Players: 1
Price: $29.99 USD 

Kukoos: Lost Pets’ Story & Narrative

Kukoos: Lost Pets is set in a colorful aquatic ocean where only a single island and tree exist. On the island lives a furry group of creatures known as the Kukoos, whose pets live alongside them.

The Kukoos are small, cute, and furry enough to seem like pets themselves, making their relationship with their beasts a light-hearted dynamic. Nevertheless, the focal point throughout the game rests on the Kukoos working together with their pets to succeed.

However, the pets have been corrupted by an evil enemy, king Kootopus’ giant robotic frog. The Kukoos are tricked into believing their pets can grow large and become as fast as king Kootopus’ frog if they buy a kukoomand pet collar, but the collars are mind-controlling devices that put all the pets under the jurisdiction of the frog.

Players must embark on a journey to save their pets and the island. Inside the island’s tree lie doors to different worlds where the pets are imprisoned under the frog’s control, and it is up to the player to rescue them and discover the secrets of the anomaly.

In reality, the story of Kukoos: Lost Pets is basic and appeals more to younger audiences. The elements are written so that even children can understand the concepts, which is not necessarily bad if you are into casual gaming.

Still, players should not expect deep or intriguing easter eggs hiding around every corner. Most of the story is laid out at the beginning, and the rest mainly focuses on the gameplay.

Kukoos: The Lost Pets Gameplay

Kukoos The Lost Pets Gameplay

Like most other 3D PlatformersKukoos: Lost Pets relies heavily on its gameplay, which becomes more fun and challenging as you progress through the levels. Each world contains a certain amount of “chapters” that must be completed in chronological order before moving on to the next.

Each level offers players challenges and puzzles that need solving, although most are not difficult to figure out. Nevertheless, some puzzles take a fair amount of critical thinking skills to solve, but nothing too complex that a child could not eventually figure out.

Additionally, there are two Kukoos that players can use, either K or Kika (male or female).

As levels are beaten and pets are saved from their mind-controlled state, they can join you in helping free the other pets with their powers. One, for example, allows players to jump up and glide through the air, an ability that is not available unless you have that pet. This aspect gives the game variety and helps mix up playstyles, especially if you repeatedly go back and play levels you have already beaten.

The game is advertised as if all audiences can enjoy the experience, which may be accurate to an extent, but most older audiences – even teenagers – will likely find it kiddish.

Kukoos: Lost Pets Graphics, Art Design, and Performance

Kukoos Lost Pets Graphics & Art Design

Graphics and visuals are not the most crucial aspect of a video game, but they certainly play an essential part in them, and Kukoos: Lost Pets captures the game’s spirit nicely through its artwork.

If my younger self were playing this game, the colors, models, and light-hearted dialogue that does not take itself too seriously would have captured my imagination. The game does not do anything groundbreaking; in reality, it sticks to a traditional cartoon script but works well for what it achieves.

Unlike most modern AAA titles that need graphics and performance modesKukoos: Lost Pets runs smoothly at a locked 60 FPS, but that statement is also being made by someone who ran the game on a PC rig that houses an RTX 3090. Nevertheless, even older generation platforms such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should not have any difficulties running the game.


Overall, Kukoos: Lost Pets is a fun arcade-type video game for those who enjoy lite gaming experiences. It does not stretch itself too far or try anything out of the ordinary. Most players will likely complete it in five or ten hours.

If players are looking for a game with an in-depth story and tons of exploring, this title will not be for you. However, for those with a Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, it could be a fun experience to play while on the road or when you do not have much time on your hands.

Kukoos: Lost Pets was reviewed on Steam using a copy provided by Modus Games. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here. Kukoos: Lost Pets is now available for Windows PC (via Steam.)

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The Verdict: 6.5

The Good

  • Does not take itself too seriously
  • Colorful and beautiful artwork
  • Gameplay that mixes up the experience
  • Easy and convenient to play

The Bad

  • Does nothing out of the ordinary
  • Has a very basic story
  • Does not have many elmements
  • Relies on basic mechanics


Preston is a former contributor at Niche Gamer.

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