Ghost Energy Review

As a gamer, you know there’s nothing more “on brand” than people chugging energy drinks to be awake for their gaming sessions. While there’s several companies out there that make supplements and energy drinks specifically aimed at gamers, Ghost Energy strives to be a standout by providing gamers with clean energy drinks that aren’t full of sugar and other seemingly bad chemicals, while offering up some great candy inspired flavors, increasing your enjoyment and your energy level at the same time. Recently the folks at Ghost Lifestyle reached out and sent us a sampler pack to check out, so without further delay, here’s my review of the Ghost brand energy drinks.

Ghost Energy
Manufacturer: Ghost Lifestyle

MSRP: Sample Case – $32.99, Gamer Powder Tub – $39.99

Ghost sent over a 12 can sampler pack that features two cans ranging from six different flavors, and a tub of their Gamer supplement in Sour Patch Kids Pineapple flavor. Let’s start off with the Gamer powder, as the drink mixes are their core product.

The Gamer supplement differs from the Energy supplement, as each scoop contains the following ingredients:

  • 800MG nooLVL®
  • 500MG L-Tyrosine
  • 250MG Cognizin® Citicoline
  • 75MG Natural Caffeine
  • AstraGin®

nooLVL is a specially blended supplement which helps gamers focus quickly and encourages faster reaction time, L-Tyrosine also encourages better focus and mood improvement, Cognizin improves focus, and AstraGin helps the body absorb these supplements better. I’ve been using these products for a few weeks now and can honestly say that I do notice a bit less brain fog while under the effects of the Gamer supplement. This has been a nice and delicious alternative to my morning coffee on days where I really could use the extra attention span in the first half of the day. The Pineapple flavor is just tart enough to remind you of the actual candy, while sweet enough to make you enjoy every single sip. If you like Pineapple, this stuff is delicious.

Moving onto the Energy can samples, Ghost sent over a 12 can sample case that had two cans of each of the following flavors: Tropical Mango, Citrus, Sour Patch Kids Redberry, Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry, Swedish Fish, and Warheads Watermelon. The energy drinks differ from the Gamer supplement as they contain the following:

  • 200mg Natural Caffeine
  • 1000mg Carnipure® L-Carnitine
  • 150mg Alpha-GPC
  • 100mg NeuroFactor™
  • 25mg AstraGin®

L-Carnitine is a thermogenic that helps you use burned stored fat for energy, so it’s pretty easy to see why it’s included here. NeuroFactor works to boost brain activity and cognitive increase, while Alpha GPC works to increase focus, and just like the Gamer tub, AstraGin helps it all absorb easier. I don’t know that I got as much focus improvement out of the Energy drinks, but they certainly wake you up and get the blood flowing better than the Gamer supplement. In fact, I’d almost consider these Energy drinks a pre-workout if they had a little bit of pump in them. But what about the flavors?

The Warheads flavored Watermelon is scary as to how close the candy it actually tastes, it’s like if someone took 10 of them and threw them in a glass of carbonated water for 20 minutes and then you drank them. It’s uncanny, but almost too overpowering and made my stomach hurt a bit if I drank it too quickly. It’s still very tasty, but I found myself having to sip on those due to the overwhelming sour kick.

Next up I tried the Citrus, and it’s perfect for what it is. It’s got a nice sort of a Sprite taste to it that tastes great. Tropical Mango is very much in the same vein, where it’s got a nice pleasant flavor that isn’t too strong or tastes super fake.

I’ll be 100% honest here, I don’t care for the taste of Swedish Fish, so I took a sip of one and while it’s not nearly as gross as eating that awful wax flavored candy, it still wasn’t really my thing so I gave them to my step kid who loved them.

Finally, I gave the two Sour Patch Kids flavors a shot since the Pineapple powder was so good. Redberry is awesome, easily my favorite of the candy themed flavors out of the sampler pack and certainly a flavor I would consider ordering in a 12 pack. The Blue Raspberry is also pretty good, but I’m not a big fan of Raspberry in general so I can only say that I “liked” it at best.

For the cost, Ghost Lifestyle offers supplements that are right on par with some of the better known “gamer energy” drinks and they’re equal if not higher in quality based on their attention to detail in their embossed packaging as to where others just have a standard label, Ghost’s tubs and cans have cool little textures that add a slight bit of an extra pop.

I also really like their little ghost mascot, so for me, it’s easy to recommend Ghost over their competition based on having a fantastic product with even cooler packaging and merch – but I’m also aware that their packaging comes with a premium price. While the Energy cans are fairly affordable – in fact slightly after I got this pack, I saw single cans available on sale at Kroger 10 for $10 (normally $2.59 each), which is considerably easier on the wallet than ordering a pack for $30. Counterbalancing that, the tub states that it has 40 servings, but since the “advanced” serving is two scoops, there’s actually only 20 in the tub, which makes their Gamer supplement far more expensive than I’d like it to be. This makes a tub essentially $40 for 20 servings – or two dollars per 16-20oz drink, and while that’s better for you both financially and physically than say a $3.29 can of Monster, it can get quite pricey if you drink more than one drink per day.

Ghost Energy and the Gamer supplement are available for purchase from Ghost Lifestyle, Amazon, or other retailers. Ghost Lifestyle provided Niche Gamer with samples of their product for the purposes of this review.
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The Verdict: 9

The Good

  • Nice variety of flavors
  • Nothing tastes too artificial
  • Noticeable focus gained from the Gamer supplement
  • Energy drinks work as advertised
  • Sweet packaging and a cool little edgy ghost mascot

The Bad

  • Some flavors are a bit too strong
  • Recommended dose is sometimes double the normal serving
  • Expensive if used more than once per day


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