Couchmaster Cyworx Review

Couchmaster Cyworx

I’m no longer tied down to being stuck in my other room since the Couchmaster Cyworx handles that task exceedingly well. At first I was a bit skeptical of how much I’d be using something like this for watching TV and using my laptop and/or iPad.

Soon after getting set up with the Couchmaster Cyworx, however, it was apparent that I had something useful for my couch of all things.

Couchmaster Cyworx
Manufacturer: nerdytec
Price: $139.00

One thing to mention is that the Couchmaster Cyworx is made up of separate pieces, but all included in the box. There are three main pieces that you use, two cushions, and a bamboo plank that have ventilation grilles and a slot made for holding a tablet of choice.

On the plank there are built in wrist pads located on both sides for comfort. Located on the side on one side of the cushions is stitched in an accessories bag and another pocket for anything else you may need on the side.

Mainly, I used these pockets for AirPods and flash drives, and they provide fairly quick access as I know where they are all the time due to my setup on the couch.

The overall build quality of the Couchmaster Cyworx has been great especially with the use I’ve given it in the past month. Sitting on the couch and using a laptop (which is what I’m doing to right now to type this up) is truly something that brings the social element back to multitasking.

Packed inside of the box is a mousepad that you can stick to the bamboo plank, or just use regularly without and even the mouse bag that can stick to the plank as well. They’re optional, which I chose not to use as I debated as to whether or not I would need them, like if I did something different on the available space.

Cushions on both sides, not attached to the bamboo plank, can be moved a bit apart or close enough for personal comfort and get pushed together when not in use, to keep your couch tidy when not in use. The positives far outweigh the few negatives I have with this, the Couchmaster Cyworx is great addition to my system of relaxing, working, and/or watching movies or YouTube.

In my experience, the mouse bag wouldn’t stick to the cushions like illustrated once when it arrived, so I went with the next obvious option. It can fit on top of the one cushion on the side you swap it to or if you have enough space, you can place it by itself but the minor detail of the mouse bag can get in the way when you do move it aside.

This frustration I had when using it was more of an afterthought, since it’s something that is great when you use it but you have to take it off anyway when you move away.

There’s nothing really negative with the Couchmaster Cyworx other than the large space it takes up to fit a laptop, mousepad, and tablet – but that is also its strongest point. For the ease of working or relaxing on a couch, the Couchmaster Cyworx serves it’s purpose with flying colors. It takes comfort to a new level and I struggle to find any real downsides to its existence.

The Couchmaster Cyworx is available for purchase from the nerdytec website. Nerdytec provided Niche Gamer with the unit for the purposes of this review.


The Verdict: 9.5

The Good

  • Lots of space for your items
  • Ventilation for Windows Laptops or other devices
  • Quality materials hold up from regular use

The Bad

  • Mouse bag gets in the way of storage and movement sometimes


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