Boulies Master Max Chair 2024 Review

When it comes to gaming, your comfort level is probably the most important factor. How you sit can determine how long you can play for, your posture, your bodies comfort level,  and even if you have to use the bathroom frequently. When playing at a desk, the standard office chair is uncomfortable and can be an eye sore.

Because of the visual aspects, many gamers tend to lean towards bucket gaming chairs; the most prevalent retailers for gaming chairs are Secret Labs, Respawn, Andaseat, and GTRacing. Now another company is looking to strengthen its position in the gaming chair market and beat out its competitors. We will be reviewing Boulies’ Master Max Chair 2024 edition and seeing how it holds up to its competition.

Boulies Chair – Master Max 2024 Series: £399.99 or $506.59
Manufacturer: Boulies
Release Date: 2024

History with Chairs

Over the last twenty years, I have had to use a variety of chairs in order to game. This ranges from average couches, futons, bungee and desk chairs, and even loungers and recliners. In 2017, I decided that a standard chair or couch wouldn’t suffice, and sitting on the floor has grown uncomfortable; because of this, I decided to buy Respawn’s gaming chair.

Although Respawn’s gaming chair fulfilled the basic need, the overall quality was rather low; this came as no surprise since it was $120. Within 3 months, the seat had already blown out and so did the armrests. Because of its rapid deterioration, I decided to look at Secret Labs chairs. Since I am rather tall, I was looking at the Secret Labs Titan Evo XL; due to budget issues got the regular version of the Titan Evo.

Two years have passed since getting the Secret Labs Titan Evo chair and the arms have started to wear out. Around the time the arms started to get uncomfortable, Boulies reached out and asked if we would like to review one of their chairs. We decided to ask for the Boulies’ Master Max 2024 series chair. So how does Boulies’ Master Max Chair compare to the previous two?

Setting Up Boulies’ Master Max Chair

When receiving the Boulies’ Master Max chair, the box is smaller than the Secret Labs’ shipping box. The setup of the chair was a bit more complicated with Boulies’ chair having more parts that required installation. These additional parts did make it so we could adjust the chair to be as comfortable as possible. These options included seat placement for the center of gravity, where the lumbar support starts, and armrest spacing from the seat.

The installation of the chair was a bit daunting at first because of how many parts you had to install. When setting up the Boulies’ Master Max chair, it took two of us to put it together; the way they want it set up requires one person to hold it while another screws in the bolts. When trying to install everything solo, the chair would slip and sometimes be difficult to get the bolts in properly. If the bolts aren’t in properly, the chair would not be secure and parts would move making it harder to install the next bolt.

With the chair put together, the next step was adjusting it to the most comfortable settings. The Boulies’ Master Max chair gives users the ability to adjust the width of the arm resets, the height of the chair, and the lumbar support of the chair. The width of the armrests can accommodate wider individuals. The lowest height of the chair causes people 5’6 and under feet to dangle. As a taller man, I can put the chair in the highest setting and feel comfortable rather than my knees bending oddly to feel comfortable.

While sitting in the chair, it’s very easy to get comfortable and focus on whatever game you are playing; the only thing that would break our focus is when we’d shift and rub against the Boulies label. The overall design is similar to Secret Labs chairs but you are unable to remove the armrests padding if they get damaged or worn down; it is possible to replace the section but you’d have to replace the whole arm; that itself could potentially be rather expensive. There is a warranty on the Boulies’ Master Max 2024 series chair for up to two years, but we are left to wonder what happens after.


At the moment, the Boulies’ Master Max 2024 series chair does as intended and provides a comfortable and relaxing gaming experience. The ability to adjust the chair to various levels makes it easier to get comfortable and there is very little that can inhibit that. The pillow is wrapped around with a band vs a magnetic pillow which does make it less comfortable, so it is better to just remove it entirely.

Overall, the chair does almost everything that a Secret Labs chair does for $50 to 100 dollars less. When spilling liquids on both, Boulies’ chair dries faster than the Secret Labs chair; warning, only try this with water if you want to test it out, using any other liquid may stain the chair depending on the color purchased. After my time with the Boulies’ Master Max 2024 series chair, I’ve decided to use it in my office rather than my Secret Labs chair. At the end of the day, I am more comfortable in the Master Max chair than I am in my Secret Labs one.

If you are looking for a special design, then Secret Labs might be the better option but if you are looking for comfort and price affordability then Boulies’ Master Max 2024 series chair will probably be your better option. If you want more details about the Boulies’ Master Max 2024 series chair, you can read the specifications down below.


360° swivel
Seat height adjustable
Full-length backrest recline
Built-in lumbar support
15-degree rocking
Tilt position lock
Armrest 8 ways adjustable


UpholsteryBoulies ultra flex leather (with partial perforated) + microfiber suede & Boulies W/R fabric + microfiber
FrameExtra Strong Steel Frame
Five-star foot baseAluminum Base
Foam100% Cold-cure foam
Tilt mechanismMulti-tilt
Casters –  6cm PU casters
HydraulicsClass 4 (Top Class)

The Verdict: 8.5

The Good

  • Comfortable Bucket Chair design
  • Adjustable height and arm position
  • Water resistant
  • Comfortable for taller or bigger people
  • Quality matches price point and is more affordable than other chairs

The Bad

  • Could use better lumbar support
  • Tag placement could have been better.
  • Pillow does not provide much support
  • Armrests have to be replaced entirely
  • Screw holes aren't always fully open


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